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Junior Events

Upcoming Events

  • Gandhi Jayanti Celebration For Nursery to 2 :-01-October-2019
  • Gandhi Jayanti Holiday For Nursery to 2 :-02-October-2019
  • Durga Puja vacation Begins For Nursery to X :-04-October-2019
  • School reopens after durga puja For Nursery to 2 :-10-October-2019
  • Jazz and Jive For Nursery to 2 :-11-October-2019
  • Cricket for boys and Badmintion for girls For Class 1 and 2 :-14-October-2019
  • Bouncing and Rolling Games For Nursery and KG :-15-October-2019
  • Rhymes and poem recitation For Nursery to 2 :-21-October-2019
  • Diwali mela For Nursery to 2 :-24-October-2019
  • PTM 2 For Nursery to 2 :-25-October-2019
  • Diwali and chhath puja vacation begins  For Nursery to X :-26-October-2019